Apr 03

2014 Spring Conference

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Aug 05

Division of Workforce Solutions launches new Job-Search website

Date: 8/5/2013
Contact: Josh Ellis
Phone: 919 733-3438

N.C. Department of Commerce Launches New Job-Search Website

RALEIGH – The N.C. Department of Commerce has launched a new job-search website helping talented job seekers and employers connect with each other. The new system, NC Works Online, provides a one-stop platform to streamline the job search process, while improving security and reducing annual operational costs by more than $2 million.

“NCWorks Online is an example of increasing our department’s efficiency and providing stronger customer service to the citizens of North Carolina, especially those who are unemployed,” said NC Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker. “I applaud our Workforce Solutions team for creating this website that will help those North Carolinians who need it most.”

NCWorks Online is a no-fee service that provides several benefits to job seekers and employers. Job seekers can search through job posts pulled from thousands of websites and receive alerts through e-mail and text message. Employers can post jobs to find the talent they need, as well as take advantage of real-time labor market information that will assist them in making competitive offers to recruit high-talented workers.

“Given its proven track record in other states, we’re excited about how NCWorks Online will improve the ability of job seekers and businesses to improve their searches for employment and talented workers, respectively,” said Roger Shackleford, Assistant Secretary for Workforce Solutions. “We’re confident this new and efficient system will help strengthen our economy as more talented job seekers and employers connect with each other.”

NCWorks Online was developed by the Florida-based Geographic Solutions, which has developed similar job-search systems for 18 other states. It replaces NC JobConnector, which had served as the division’s online job-search tool. NCWorks Online will also eliminate the need for eight additional information systems, which is expected to save $10.2 million over the next five years.

To access NCWorks Online, visit www.ncworks.gov. To learn more about the N.C. Division of Workforce Solutions and the services it offers through its local workforce offices, visit www.nccommerce.com/workforce.



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Aug 01

NC Workforce Development Partnership Conference

October 16 – 18, 2013

Sheraton Four Seasons

Sheraton Online Reservations
Attendee Login: workforce

Greensboro, NC
(800) 242-6556

Coming Together – Partners in Service Excellence!

The North Carolina Workforce Development Partnership Conference attracts approximately 1,000 Workforce Development Professionals from across the state. Attendees represent labor, state and federal government, education, community-based organizations, community colleges and the private sector. In its 26th year, the Conference continues to offer timely topics and networking opportunities.

for more information  visit



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Apr 06

NCETA 2013

NCETA 2013, a set by rjwitch on Flickr.

2013 Conference photos
thanks to rjwitch at flickr.com

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Feb 21

Decades Dance & Karaoke


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Feb 12

President’s Message

President’s Message

In this  changing world, our future depends on building a society where people are given the opportunity and encouragement to develop their skills and abilities to the maximum; and then given the support to rise as far as their talents will take them. This is true for the individuals and employers we serve as well as all workforce professionals. NCETA strives to provide workforce professionals with education and training to enhance and grow the work we do. Our annual conference targets the front-line staff person working with jobseekers and employers in local communities across the state.

NCETA is working to provide opportunities for workforce  professionals by sponsoring regional training, coordinating with the annual Partnership Conference, our NCETA newsletter, and the NCETA annual conference to name a few.

Join us at NCETA as we all work toward a more educated and skilled workforce that will successfully face the  challenges that lie ahead.

Elaine Miller

NCETA President

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Aug 10

2012 NCETA Brochure

The 2012 NCETA brochure is ready to be downloaded,   click below to get the latest brochure.

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Feb 22

Putting North Carolina back to work

The NC Commission on Workforce Development has released a video and report highlighting ARRA-funded workforce development programs and the citizens who, during the recession, received training and career development assistance and now have an enhanced quality of life exemplified in newfound employment.

You can download the Back to Work Report


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Jan 08

US DOL Video on Disability Navigators Success Story


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Jan 04

Statewide Youth Activities Calendar

Calendar Image The Division of Workforce Solutions has released the January – February Statewide Youth activities Calendar.   The NC WIA Youth Activities Calendar is frequently viewed by our partners with USDOL, local mental health, the court system, social services, and other partners within the workforce system.

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